Whitney Rae Palmer



I have been a dedicated painter throughout my adult life. Through and between travel, moving, and working various jobs I have maintained a painting practice. I majored in art with a focus in painting in 2007 at the University of Oregon and graduated from Sandpoint High School in 2002. I also attended the Pacific Northwest College of Art as a BFA student in Spring 2012, and lived in Wellington, New Zealand from 2008-2009 as a working artist. I have since lived and worked in my hometown of Sandpoint, Idaho as well as Portland, Oregon and Northern California.

I create in various mediums including oils, gouache, pen, colored pencil, charcoal, and acrylics. I write and illustrate books, channel poems, and make videos from time to time. My subject matter shifts depending on my current influences, place, lifestyle, whimsy, or suiting clients for commissioned work. I work from observation, photograph, sketches, imagination and memory, but most often a combination of these. I have a strong formal education in art from U of Oregon and I have endeavored to obtain an informal education by immersing myself in the arts wherever I have lived and traveled. I enjoy the textural viscosity, lusciousness and fluidity of paint mediums and experience them as a language in their own.

My art is not about sticking to any genre or style. At the center of my work, painting is a reflection of myself and the moment and/or subject I wish to capture, the feeling or concept I wish to express - in all of its visual elements and nuances of that time and place. I consider painting to be a form of meditation. This translates to and from other activities I do such as yoga, skiing, golfing, and surfing. I enjoy exploration into imagination and whimsy, comical satire, as well as spiritual connection and expression.

My influences come from many sources; Nature, dreams, play, conservation issues, tapping into my subconscious, an interest in individual characters, a need for "art therapy" by creating funny and satirical works. I grew up on Lake Pend Oreille in North Idaho where I was surrounded by natural beauty. Much of what I try to express is the transcendence of consciousness I experience when absorbed in beautiful moments in special places. I aspire to incorporate messages regarding preservation of Nature, wildlife, public lands, water quality, and other natural resources. 








At the 2016 Shelter Cove Arts and Recreation Foundation "Capture the Magic" Plein Air paint-off, 1st Place Acrylics 







 Here I am in 2002 pictured with former Idaho State District 1 Representative Butch Otter in Washington, D.C. for winning the National High School District Art Awards for my painting, "Face of Irony." 













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